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Hello! I'm Hannah Rose, and this is my own personal space on the internet.

I'm not too good with writing these things, so bear with me...!

I am 21 years old, a wife, mumma and homemaker, currently living in Salisbury, UK. 

I am a little wonky in the brain! I have an eating disorder and I'm Bi-Polar, and I have a few other diagnoses. Living is difficult, but I am surviving. I have terrible days, and days where things are so good I think I might explode with happiness! I am slowly learning to live with the brain I have.

Things I love:
  • A good ol' cup of Earl Grey tea. How terribly English of me. Sorry! 
  • True life crime - books, TV documentaries... It's a bit of an odd thing to admit! The minds of criminals, particularly murderers and kidnappers etc. just fascinate me. 
  • Filofax. Nothing more to be said! 
  • Walking. OK, so I jump in my car instead of taking a 15 minute walk to the Post Office, but an 8hr walk through the New Forest is completely different and I love it. 
  • Cats. Again, nothing more to be said. I don't actually own a cat, though. It's a sad state of affairs.
  • Rich tea biscuits.
  • Any kind of biscuit. 
  • Nicely painted nails.
  • Colder seasons. The summer irritates me, as lovely as it is. I hate getting hot and bothered and itchy. I prefer being under a coat, scarf, hat and gloves!
  • Shopping. Always. (But I hate spending money!). 
  • Stationery. I have always been a bit of a stationery hoarder for as long as I can remember! 
  • My car. It's a godsend. I couldn't live without it and I definitely do not appreciate it as much as I should!
  • Designing printables and downloadables, although I'm not particularly good at it! It just gives me a nice sense of satisfaction to have completed something I set out to do, and that I can use constructively.
  • Fresh bedding. I refuse to sleep in bedding more than 7 days old. 
  • Cute socks!
  • Crockery. I am a bit of a crockery hoarder too. We have a wonderful set of Wedgewood that I despise using in case it breaks!
  • Receiving post. Well, unless it's a bill or my bank statement! My Nan sends me a copy of Our Daily Bread every quarter and I love seeing her handwriting when I find the envelope posted through the letter box.
  • Harry Potter. Why this is so far down the list I do not know.
Things I dislike:
  • Lists. I hate lists.
  • Spicy food. Why would anyone want to eat food that makes their tummy hurt? It's something I will never understand.
  • A book that looks and sounds amazing, and the first chapter is fantastic, but after that first chapter it's all downhill, and the book turns out to be crap.
  • Cold tea. I always forget about the cup of tea I made half an hour ago.
  • Slow walkers, and people who are walking in front of me and then stop, and I nearly trip over them. 
  • Horror films. God no. 
  • People with no manners!


  1. Hi, Hannah :) I find your blog refreshing and beautiful, mainly due to your honesty and open nature. I'd like to see your Instagram, but the sidebar widget isn't showing it. Mine is @leximinty. Have a great day!

    1. Ah probably because I recently set my IG to private. My IG is @roseofengland :-)