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Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Year of Being Mum

This post is a little late. Forgive me. William turned the big O-N-E little over one month ago, and it was a busy, emotional, but of course wonderful time.

My first year as a Mum was sometimes difficult, testing & hard. Some days I wanted to break down and cry, and I felt frustrated and worried and alone. Some days I wanted to go back to work (and attempted to do so), and I wanted spa breaks and a still-hot-cup-of-coffee, if you please.

But, my first year as a Mum was incredible, and I wouldn't have changed a single day for the world. I learnt I could do things I thought impossible. I discovered a sense of myself that I never thought I'd find. I heaved myself out of bed on days my depression tried to force me to lay awake under the covers. I made cheese and ham sandwiches with real butter, folded blankets with care, ran towards baby sick, sniffed butt on a daily basis, ate already-chewed dairylee sandwiches and pretended to be a dog.

I raised a kid for a whole year. 365 days of tantrums and spit-up and nappies. 365 days of smiles and cuddles and "I love you so much you giant stinkhead Booboo".

I raised a 7lbs 3oz bundle of fuzz and tears and poop, and I grew him and molded him into a cheeky, mischievous, loving, affectionate, smiley, fluff-ball of a one year old boy. Still full of poop, I hasten to add.

On the left: 07/02/2014. On the right: 07/02/2015. These photos were taken exactly a year apart.

I know it's difficult to tell the difference in the size of him, but let me reassure you that in the left picture I could have carried him in the crook of my elbow; bottom in the palm of my hand. He was a tiny little squidge, still in newborn clothes, still with a mop of hair. He's now about 28lbs, above the average percentile for his age, in size 12mo - 24mo clothes, with so much hair he's already had it cut 4 times! 

William's favourite food is a toss-up between roast chicken with gravy or sausage pasta with basil pesto and strong cheese. He dances to the You've Been Framed opening title music. He likes being bounced up and down, thrown about to nursery rhymes sung in an overzealous manner, having his ribs tickled and his feet nibbled. He doesn't like the vacuum cleaner, going for naps or cauliflower.

He loves Mummy and Daddy, and we love him.

I can't wait to see what this next year brings for him and us. 

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