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Saturday, 4 October 2014

UK Planner Addicts Meet - Southampton; 04th October 2014.

This UK Planner Addicts Meet was held on 04th October 2014 in Southampton.

We had arranged this meet around 1 and a half months in advance, with an expected turnout of around 15-20 people. Unfortunately, a few people dropped out due to personal circumstances. We still had a good amount of people turn up though; a total of 8 people turned up, with an additional 2 people stuck in traffic, who didn't arrive until after I had left to go home at 4pm!

The weather was horrible when I woke up. It was raining in Salisbury. Raining hard. I checked the Met Office which said that it was expected to rain from 10am through until 2pm in Southampton, and the Met Office wasn't lying! I ended up wrapping 2 of my organizers in a carrier bag as not to get them wet.

We met in the BHS Restaurant; the staff were accommodating and were happy to let me push tables together so we could all sit around nicely. The food was nice too! I had a lovely emmental and mushroom toastie with chips, and a big ol' cup of Pepsi Max. The tea wasn't much to write home about, but it was hot and wet and full of caffeine; which I appreciated.

So who turned up?

Well, me. I was there at 11:30am, ready to meet and great! I had traveled from Salisbury into Southampton by train. I bought my brown A5 Filofax Metropol which I use as my home planner, my personal Kikki K Live Bright planner which I use as my day-to-day organizer, and my pocket kingfisher blue Filofax Finsbury which I use as a purse.

Tanya and Liv arrived just after me (mummy and daughter!). Tanya bought along a gorgeous personal aqua Filofax Finsbury, and Liv bought her A5 pink Filofax Finsbury. The aqua Finsbury actually belongs to Liv, but she's loaning it to Tanya for now. Tanya and Liv drove in from the outskirts of Southampton by car.

Next up to arrive together were Sophie, Stella and Lauren. Sophie bought her personal vintage pink Filofax Malden - somewhat of a gem, her pocket raspberry Filofax Finsbury, A5 aqua Filofax Finsbury and A5 aqua Filofax Original. Stella had her personal green Filofax Apex and A5 red Filofax Domino in tow. Lauren, who I think has Sophie to blame for her newly found Filofax love, had her A5 pink Filofax Finsbury (exactly the same as Liv's!), and a pocket Filofax Songbird - another one of those lovely planners I don't seem to see around much. Sophie, Stella and Lauren traveled into Southampton by train. Sophie and Lauren both live in another town on the outskirts of Southampton, and Stella came down from Cambridge.

Lisa arrived next, with the only Erin Condren at the meeting, which we all oggled and fell in love with, an A5 black Filofax Flex, and an A5 purple Filofax Arc. Lisa drove to Southampton from Bournemouth, and got caught in typical Saturday traffic, but thankfully wasn’t too late!

Last to arrive was Liz who came with her (fat) black Kate Spade zipped Wellesley, and both a pocket pink Akiko binder and a personal pink Filofax Finsbury that she was aiming to sell (although I think she still owns both!). Liz came all the way from the Isle of Wight, which took her one ferry trip and one train trip to Southampton. She got lost in the Cath Kidston store along the way.

Here we all are, posing outside West Quay with our main organisers, aside from Tanya who was the lady behind the camera. From left to right: Liv, Lauren, Sophie, Lisa, Liz, me (Hannah!) and Stella.

And because Tanya was behind the camera, here is her oggling some goodies in Paperchase:

We mulled, chatted, looked at each other’s planners, ate and then went shopping! We checked out the stationery stores and Liz spent copious amounts of money, which seems to be a trend for her when it comes to UKPA meets(!) on a new handbag.

Myself and Liz both ended up with an Organised Mum Life Book, which caught our eyes in John Lewis. A bargain at £13.50. I can’t wait to review it. It looks perfect; maybe now will be the time that I step away from a ring-bound planner when it comes to my home planning?! I can’t wait to set her up.

By the time I traveled home, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining.

So here are the photos! I realized shortly after I got back on the train to go home that I hadn't taken a photo of all of our planners together. A real shame, but I did manage to get photos of most of them individually!

I think that's everything!

Thank you all for a lovely day!


  1. Great blog post Hannah! It was a great day, better get planning the next one :-)

  2. Looks like a great day! I'm curious to the new planner you bought!