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Thursday, 9 October 2014

A New Way of Storing My Washi!

I am quite picky about my washi and deco tape storage normally. I organise by set in a craft box:

My method of organisation makes me feel calm. Not long ago, my father in law came round and knocked the box onto the floor. The tapes went everywhere and I nearly cried. Anything unorganised makes me feel anxious, and I panic when I can't find the tape I want.

Yesterday I was rummaging in the kitchen cupboards and found a cake stand that was given to me some Christmas' ago. I rarely bake anymore, so tried to think about a way of putting it to good use.

Then I thought... what about washi storage?! I panicked a little as I took the washi out of the box, but it looked so lovely when I'd finished! I managed to find some glass jars too, to store excess.

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