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Monday, 22 September 2014

Welcoming a new member of the family; a pocket Finsbury!

I have never denied my love for the Filofax Finsbury. The personal sized Finsbury in Raspberry was my first ever personal sized Filofax (a downsize from A5), and I haven't looked back on it since. Whilst I have sold and traded a lot of my collection, the Finsbury has remained with me; although I haven't always had it in use. As I write this, I am indeed using my personal Finsbury as my day-to-day organizer. You can read all about my personal here!

I've always been a big planner kinda girl. I've never understood how anything smaller than a personal-sized Filofax (or similar in a different brand) could be practical. Until recently I've been using my Temperley Compact, which takes personal sized inserts, as a purse (or a wallet, if you fancy an Americanism!). I love my Temperley, but the size can make it impractical at times, and the fact that it is canvas makes me nervous about taking it out in coffee shops, or with my messy 9 month old around.

A couple of weeks ago my Father in Law gave me a pocket Filofax college that I decided to use as a purse. The College isn't particularly pretty, nor was it perfect for a purse as it lacked a zip pocket to hold coins and there is no full-width pocket to house receipts / bank notes. I was very kindly sent some credit card holders from a lady on the UK Planner Addicts Facebook page. So, for a very short while, the Filofax College was good as a card holder, and I used a little penny pouch to carry coins. It wasn't too much of a struggle as I carry a holdall-sized handbag with plenty of room for lugging everything around.

When a friend came to visit I had a look at her pocket Finsbury. She was using it as a purse and well, it just seemed so perfect. So the search began for my very own pocket Finsbury, and it ended quite quickly when a lady offered me one in Kingfisher Blue. As I already own a Finsbury in raspberry I thought the blue would be a perfect accompaniment. So, I bought it from her.

It arrived today; about 2 hours ago. I was out running errands and came home to find a small package waiting for me by the front door. I wasn't disappointed to find the most beautiful blue pocket Finsbury inside.

I immediately got to work at transforming this little pretty thing into my purse, which wasn't too hard as I only had to transfer everything straight from my College and my penny pouch. I don't plan on using it for anything other than a purse; so that means no inserts or dividers etc. as I don't want to bulk her out to the point of damage, and I carry my day-to-day organizer everywhere anyway.

As I have written in previous blog posts about the Finsbury: "The Finsbury's are seemingly quite popular, and it's easy to understand why. They are ridiculously versatile, can be dressed up or down, were released in a good number of colours, they hold their real leather smell, have a wonderful number of pockets and well... they're just nice." It's undeniable, I think! 

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  1. Do you still use this as a purse? I've just bought a pocket finsbury in raspberry to use as a purse and I was wondering if you can recommend any card holders?