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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review: Filofax Sage Swift ('Birdcage'); size: personal.

I haven't written a review in a very long time, so bear with me! I'm usually an A5 kinda girl. I am a note-maker, avid planner, and I need to remember EVERYTHING. I've usually worked on the pretense that "bigger is better". Perhaps that's true. I haven't been in this personal sized Filofax for more than a day, so we'll see. The reason I've decided to downsize (eek) into a personal Filofax is that my A5 is just too big to carry around with me. At the moment I have to drag William's changing bag, milk bag, handbag and William himself just about everywhere I go, so I've been on a mission to shrink everything! This Filofax was a gift from my Mum for Christmas 2013; I haven't had a chance to use it and I'd considered swapping for a different A5, but I thought - hey, there's no harm in trying it, right?!

"The Filofax Pocket Swift organiser has a beautiful, fashionable design. It is made from a screen printed twill canvas with the birdcage print in sage and white giving it a unique appeal. This organiser has an elastic closure and cute button. With this Filofax Swift Pocket Organiser , you can`t help but smile whenever you make appointments to catch up with friends or jot down meetings and special occasions. This is a breath of fresh air, just like Swift fashionable birdie print. This is a fabric-covered personal organiser featuring a fresh, stylish graphic print with complementary coloured interior, simple elastic closure and cute popper."

I'm not sure when the Swift Sage came into production, but all internet websites are indicating that the Swift was first introduced for the beginning of 2012, and as far as I know they are now discontinued. They are at the cheaper end of the range, as they're not leather (the front cover is canvas). I haven't seen many of these around, and I'm not entirely sure why? 

For a newbie in the world of Filofax, the personal Swift is fab. It's a size below A5 which means it's not too big, and it's still big enough to keep track of most things. Despite being a stay at home Mum, I'm a very busy lady, and so far so good. 

It's modern, feminine, and fun.

Instead of a popper / snap fastener, the Swift has a little button (with a very cute bird on it!) and an elasticated loop that comes around from the back. The elastic seems to be of good strength. I think it would take a lot to snap it or to pull it from the holes. The only thing I don't like about an elastic loop is that they seemingly get grubby quite quickly. The elasticated fastener looks great with the overall design of the Swift; it's laid back and informal. 

The ring mechanism is tight; that's always a good start! The mechanism is 6 rings of 23mm to hold page size 95mm x 171mm. It's worth noting that the ring size is exactly the same as the A5 original.

On the inside front cover there's a full length pocket and 4 credit card pockets. I'm not one for keeping my credit cards in my Filofax, but the pockets are wide enough to store cards, tickets, bits of paper... I have a photo of my Husband & I on our wedding day and a few 'positive life cards' in my pockets. 

On the inside back cover there is a notepad slot and just one elasticated pen loop. If there's one thing I think this Filofax is missing, it's at least one more pen loop. I love having 2 pens - one biro pen and one ink pen. Perhaps another loop on the inside front cover would have been good. 

As standard, the Swift comes with:
  • Transparent flyleaf
  • Week on 2 pages diary (five language)
  • Frosted ruler / page marker
  • A-Z index - coloured with 2 letters per tab
  • Coloured 1-6 numbered index
  • Address pages (five langauge)
  • White ruled notepad
  • Transparent envelope (top-opening)

I'll update in a few weeks after I've had a chance to get used to the Swift. For now, I think I'm going to get on with it. My only fear is staining the canvas; I don't plan on putting it through the washing machine at any point! 

Here's how my week is looking at the moment. I moved in last night but copied across everything from my A5 to see how it worked / how quickly it was to fill:

Cute, huh?!

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