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Monday, 24 March 2014

Fraud / Stalker - 'Rosie Kaia'

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've been blogging properly, yet again.

This reason is legitimate though! I have had a girl copying my blog / instagram / facebook etc. for around 2 years now, and she calls herself Rosie Kaia.

She crops up, pretending to be me, and then she disappears again when her accounts are reported by all of my followers.

She took it a step too far this time, and has stolen a photo of my Filofax, claimed it to be hers, and then sent it to people looking to buy one, stealing their money in the process. She was caught out in the end, and one person I know of got their money back.

From what I understand, she has done this to a few other people too.

It's like a giant game of Catfish.

Anyway, after much sourcing and scouring and digging deep on deed poll entries, house ownerships etc. I managed to get her real name and her address. I won't disclose them publicly because, despite all the damage she has done to me, I am not that much of a bitch.

What I did do, however, is contact the Police who have everything on record now, and they have assured me that if I find she has EVER copied me again, they will be arresting her. Kerching!

Now, if the police refused to get involved, I have MANY friends who are prepared to drive with me to her home, and show her how it feels to be stalked and watched.

These are the photos she uses (they're completely different people by the way):

She often goes by the name R_kaia, rosie_kaia, kaia_r, blueivytrees, blueyewtrees, kaiarosiej & rosieofengland.

Lots of love.

P.S. If you're reading this, 'Rosie Kaia', just remember what I KNOW about where you live.


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