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Monday, 9 December 2013

pregnancy... full term!

Woohoo! We made it! 

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today, a.k.a FULL TERM! That means baby is medically deemed as ready to be born now. He likely weighs just over 6lbs, and is around 19in long from head to toe. If he has hair, it will probably measure between 1/2in and 1 & 1/2in. How exciting! 

So the proper countdown begins now. My due date is the 30th of December, and the latest I will be induced is the 11th January (42 weeks), although I'm going to try and have any induction date bought forward to lessen my anxiety. 

I think baby has dropped a little more. He was 3/5 engaged at my antenatal appointment 2 weeks ago, so he should be a little further down now! I am definitely feeling movements a lot lower - particularly when he gets hiccups! I also think he is lower because the bottom of my belly is softer, which is indicative of him dropping. He tends to have his bum right in the middle of the underneath of my ribcage, with his back towards my front. This is all very good for labour! He's not breech, and currently not back to back. 

I am really hoping he arrives before Christmas for a number of reasons! I can think of nothing better than sitting in front of my in-laws fireplace with my beautiful little boy in my arms, tending to his needs and giving him kisses. I also don't want to be too uncomfortable at Christmas, carrying around a boulder of baby and fluids on my front!

It's hard enough to dress in something comfortable during the day now, let alone something pretty and festive for Christmas! I refuse to buy any more maternity wear too. It's ridiculously priced! I can't wait to eBay all of my maternity wear after he's here. The longer I have to wait, the more anxious I get. I get anxious I have gestational diabetes (even though I probably don't!), because I have a real sweet tooth and a lot of the things I eat are sugary, even if they are natural sugars. I am scared he'll be massive and no one will expect it, and I'll have to push out a 10lb baby! He has so many cute newborn clothes ready to wear that we have been given or bought at car-boot sales for a bargain price! I don't want him to be so big he can't wear any of it! 

I just want to push him around in his pushchair with his daddy by my side, and we will frequent a coffee shop and sit in the corner with baby in his bear snow-suit a few days before Christmas, with little old ladies cooing over him. How silly! I have always been jealous of parents with young babies, and I can't wait for my turn now!

The earlier he arrives now, the longer I get to spend with him before my maternity leave ends. Obviously this might not be a problem if we decide there is no need financially for me to go back to work, but if I do have to go back to work then I will only get to have him all to myself until late September next year! Oh :-(

Chris is taking his paternity leave in a peculiar way, but I think it will work perfectly for us. Instead of taking 2 weeks off immediately, he is going to take 1 week paternity leave (paid at government set rates) immediately after the baby is born. Then he is going to return to work for a week to see how I cope, and for me to get into some sort of routine on my own with the baby - or at least try to! He will then take a week off on annual leave (paid at full work rate), which will allow for us to discuss everything that I found difficult when I was left alone with the baby, so that we can try and work through it together and find a different way of coping etc. Then he's back to work as normal! Sigh.

Come on baby! Mamma wants to meet you now!

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