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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

hospital bags prepared for labour...

Gut instinct tells me my little man is going to arrive quite soon. Given I went into early labour a few weeks back and I have been having contractions, loss of plug and some other indicators, I am really hoping he makes an appearance sooner rather than later! I'm past 36 weeks now, which is early term in some countries, and I had the steroids when I went into labour a few weeks back to mature his lungs.

Hospital bag contents:
  • bath towel
  • maternity pads
  • bedtime bra
  • nursing bra
  • breast pads
  • nipple cream
  • 3 x tops for wearing in hospital post-birth / coming home in 
  • 1 x pair of old leggings for wearing post-birth
  • flannel
  • comfy cardigan (it's my 'safe' cardigan. it's what i wear when i feel sad / scared etc)
  • 1 x old t-shirt for labouring in (dark coloured)
  • granny pants :-)
  • winter socks (i always have cold feet!) and regular socks
  • unread Peter Robinson crime novel
  • phone charger
  • iPod dock
  • old mismatched pyjamas for pre-birth, labouring and post-birth, including one nightie
  • bikini top for the water
  • dressing gown
  • body spray (little aerosol can for using in the bathroom if necessary... and to make myself feel better post-birth)
  • small bottle of shower gel
  • razor (again, post-birth. i have been told i might have to stay in hospital for a little longer than normal due to my mental health)
  • t-shirt for Chris in case he gets the one on his back dirty
  • carrier bag
  • maternity notes
  • list of important telephone numbers, such as mum, sister etc.
  • camera with charger
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
For baby:
  • regular blanket
  • special coming home blanket. it's the blanket that my hubby was bought home in over 35 years ago!
  • nappies
  • baby towel
  • little teddy bear (the first thing i bought for him - it just fits in a pocket of the bag, it's not exactly huge!)
  • coming home outfit, inclusive of 1 x vest, 1 x romper, 1 x fluffy socks, 1 x outdoors bear romper to go over the top
  • 4 x vests
  • 3 x rompers
  • 2 x mittens
  • 1 x socks (they are quite thick)
  • 2 x muslins
  • 2 x bibs
  • 1 x hat
  • 2 x jackets (one is a tiny weeny one in case he is a bit small, and the other one is a normal 0-3 zip up jacket thingy!)
  • cotton wool
  • snack / food bag: has candy, sultanas, squash, cereal bars etc
  • car seat - is in the car!
  • my handbag will come with me, it has my iPod, phone, make up, hair toggles, lip balm, purse with money for car parking and vending machines etc. in it
I think that's it! 

Sounds a lot more than it really is! I have 2 small bags for me and baby, and a carrier bag for food. 

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