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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

free 'don't forget' list printable!

If there's one thing we all know I love it's a good ol' free printable. There's nothing nicer than a simple, plain printable that you can print out on whatever paper you want, so that you can have it to your taste and so that it doesn't use unnecessary printer ink! 

Here's a design I did earlier, that I have uploaded for you to download and print as you wish (link at the bottom of this post).

I printed mine onto very lightly ribbed kraft paper and added a little strip of washi tape along the bottom to match the other washi tapes I have on this week's inserts. The kraft paper also matches my bookmark / page finder and dividers at the moment :)

The printable has a margin on the left hand side that is slightly wider than the margins on the right hand side and top and bottom, as it leaves enough room to punch your binding holes through. So if it looks a little off-center, it is! It will look all centered when in your Filofax though. 

If you don't want to put it in a Filofax (i.e. you don't need space for binding holes), then just trim a little of the left hand side off so you are happy it is centered! (I hope that makes sense!)

I set up an A4 printable, so that the dimensions of each list is 210mm x 99mm (the height of A5). Just print and cut either side of the cutting line. I printed the A4 one so that I'd have some spare lists for the future and as not to waste a sheet of A4 paper by only using some of it! The A4 printable is available in .png format here!

Just open a blank Word document, set the orientation to landscape and the margins to 0cm all the way around. Ignore anything it says about printing margins because the image is set to print OK with 0cm margins. Insert the image and scale it so it fits right up to the edges and print. 

The single version is available here!. I personally have no use for this unless I just want to print one, although it may come in handy when I get my Personal size Filofax. 

I thought I'd upload it so you can re-size to suit yourself.

Font used is Carolyna Pro Black, which is a font that will cost you if you want to download it from, created by Emily Lime. A fantastic font designer!

Download the printables:


Lots of love, as always,